NEW Boards! Off to the shapers.

Finally, the boards I have been working on with Shred Stixx are off for production.They can also be seen here in the company 2010 Catalog PDF. We have a lot more print, web, and marketing updates now. These boards are a huge step forward for the direction of this company. Be on the lookout for a lot more custom boards. If you want to know how to get one ordered or custom designed feel free to contact me: ty@the77alliance.com .


Services & Abilities

I do just about anything. Feel free to contact me with any questions and we'll get you on track.

Application Knowledge:
Advanced Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, In Design, Particle illusion, Anime Studio, Poppagio and many others. Proficient in Windows and Mac environment

About Me

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Contact info: ty@the77alliance.com Cell: 512-825-9827
"Ty seems to be the a unifying influence among the artists."
-Mike Conway, Mgam

"Man, you do some sexy work."
-Jamie Tremper, Classic Plus

"Thats so cool, I just crapped my pants!!!"
-Radioactive, TxRollergirls