I've been holding onto this account for a bit, but have really been pushing my Behance & Linkedin etc. So if you want to see the newest work from me and just keep up, check out those two links.


New Portfolio!

Check out this link for up to date graphics and info. THANKS!


DC Shoes Spring 2010

I finally Stumbled across the Tees I did for DC. The Water Color tee made it to Mens and the Neon to the youth Section. Pretty cool to see them on the site. I've got the box on the way, It'll be dope to see them in person.
Water Color Tee Link, Neon Youth Link


Portfolio on Behance

I have tried forever to get all of my projects into one place. I have started a Behance portfolio which will grow over the next few weeks until I get most of my work up. You can check it out HERE!


Design Locked for Airhole 2010-11

Looks like I'll have a new design in the lineup for Airholes 2010-11 release. When the line is released you be able to see it on their web site. The site also give you address of shops near you to purchase. Check back in late summer for Photos before they hit stores.


Nike 6.0 Tee Spotted

I did a few seasons with Nike 6.0 a little ways back, and I spotted a colorway the other day that must be somewhat new. Good to know they all got distributed. Uk also has another colorway that you can purchase here.


Slaysh 2.0!

I've been doing a tremendous amount of work for slayshTank(yes only the T is capped one word)in the past year or so and the awaited 2.0 site will be out soon. It will blow the other site out of the water, with numerous more features, a full store, Custom board ordering, wall papers, new riders and much more. Look for it by month’s end!


I Want Your Skull Issue 8

It’s finally here… Issue eight of the I Want Your Skull zine and I'm in it! Finally, the hand packaged details you’ve come to expect from I Want Your Skull are all here. From the hand-numbering (limited to 250 copies), to the hand-printed custom, metallic inked envelopes, each issue is put together with care and shipped straight to your doorway.ORDER HERE!


Tattooed Steel

I recently was a weekly winner on Tattooed Steel. I put up just a few designs but brought in a win with the backside of my buisness card. I still have a few more designs I am looking to submit, in hopes to bring home the yearly winner this summer. This design will be produced in limited numbers so run and get it. You can purchase by clicking here.


2010 Shred Stixx Catalog

I finished up the new PDf 2010 Catalog for Shred Stixx. I was lucky enough to rebrand & redesign all the decks for their 2010 face lift. They are expected to see the boards in the next few weeks, pics to come. Also The Shred Stixx site will be updated in the next few weeks with all the boards and a new custom deck options. Untill then you can buy the boards here at the Slaysh Tank Store.


Services & Abilities

I do just about anything. Feel free to contact me with any questions and we'll get you on track.

Application Knowledge:
Advanced Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, In Design, Particle illusion, Anime Studio, Poppagio and many others. Proficient in Windows and Mac environment

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